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Flitwick Town Council's Annual Assembly took place on Tuesday 23rd May  2023 at The Rufus Centre with presentations on the work of the Town Council and results of the second Annual Residents' Survey.

We were joined on the evening by Cash Access UK Chief Operating Officer, Cat Farrow, who talked about plans for the new Banking Hub in Ampthill.  The Town Council has been working together with Ampthill Town Council, surrounding Parish Councils and local campaigners to lobby LINK to open a Banking Hub in the area. LINK announced in March that a Banking Hub had been commissioned in Ampthill, to be delivered by Cash Access UK.
Cat confirmed that a site has been identified and the plan is for the Banking Hub to be open within 9 months.

Find out about how Banking Hubs work and the process behind getting one set up:

Banking Hub is Coming to Ampthill

If you were unable to attend please see the link to the Town Council presentation:

Annual Assembly Presentation 2023







Annual Assembly Presentation 2022

Annual Report 2021-22

Annual Residents' Survey 2021 Top Line Results


front cover of annual report showing town council offices

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