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Here you can get to know the 15 councillors who represent the East and West Wards of Flitwick.  Geographically, the boundary between the East and West Wards within Flitwick follows the route of the railway line.

You can get in contact with each councillor using their individual emails and  contact numbers below.  Alternatively, call the Town Council offices on 01525 631900 or email info@flitwick.gov.uk.

Not sure who to contact? Click below to see committee choices for each Councillor.



cllr andy snape, town mayor

Andy Snape


Town Mayor & Chairman of HR Committee

While you’ll often find me helping out at our community events or championing places like Manor Park and Millennium Park, I’m also heavily involved in the business and governance side of Flitwick Town Council. I’m passionate about developing the Rufus Centre as a community hub and generating an income from commercial activities that the Council can reinvest into our community and keep any council tax increases to a minimum. I’ve lived in Flitwick for over a decade and currently work as Head of Technology for London Borough of Camden.

Telephone: 07590 572440

Email: andysnape@flitwick.gov.uk

Clare Copelstone

As a Town Councillor, I am deeply committed to serving the needs and aspirations of the community. With a passion for collaboration and a firm belief in the power of community engagement and cohesion, I am committed to addressing the issues that matter the most to our residents. Together, let's create a future where our town shines as a beacon of unity, opportunity, and progress.


Email: clarecopelstone@flitwick.gov.uk

councillor photo

Clare Thompson


Chairman of Community Services Committee and Chairman of Appeals Committee

I grew up in Flitwick and am now a home owner in the town. I commute to London for work at Macmillan Cancer Support, having spent my career in the charity sector. I am also a Trustee of Respite at Home Volunteers- West Mid Beds & Ivel Valley. I am pleased to continue my work on Flitwick Town Council, especially around community activities and our green spaces. Patient Group Representative

Telephone: 07734 866479

Email: clarethompson@flitwick.gov.uk

councillor photo

Dan Toinko


Chairman of Environmental Improvement Working Group

I've lived in Flitwick for about a decade. My focus is on serving the interests of all residents effectively and fairly, and on protecting and restoring our natural environment.

Telephone: 01525 649992

Email: dantoinko@flitwick.gov.uk

photo of councillor fraser

Fraser Patterson


"I'm determined to help out in Flitwick in any way I can. I'm particularly interested in protecting the local environment, prioritising the safety of our residents and ensuring that they have their voices fairly represented in local community projects and development." Police Priority Sub Representative


Email: fraserpatterson@flitwick.gov.uk

councillor photo

Howard Hodges


I've lived in Flitwick for over 20 years, and love the character of the area. I'm keen to protect the open spaces we have which can be used for recreation and to preserve the green belt where we can. I commend the Council for the provision of play areas in the town, and for the development of Flitwick Manor Park for residents. I have a long career in IT, centred around processes used by large companies to support IT Services. I'm currently an IT Problem Management specialist for a construction group.

Telephone: 01525 717778

Email: howardhodges@flitwick.gov.uk

councillor photo

Ian Blazeby


Chairman of Business Improvement & Development Board

Independent minded Marketing Manager, happily married with two great kids, who has been a Flitwick resident since the late 80's. I've been a Councillor for over 5 years, working hard to ensure Flitwick continues to be a rewarding, interesting, attractive and safe place in which to live and work. Flitwick Village Hall Management Committee Representative

Telephone: 01525 634585

Email: ianblazeby@flitwick.gov.uk

councillor photo

James Gleave


Chairman of Planning Improvement Group

I have lived in Flitwick since I got married to my wife 16 years ago (she has lived here all her life), and I care about where the town is going and its future. For 10 years I worked in Highways and Planning at Central Bedfordshire Council, and Bedfordshire County Council before that. I have seen for myself what communities that come together around a strong vision of the future can do in achieving lasting change in their areas. It is this experience that I will bring to the position of councillor. Planning Improvement Representative

Telephone: 07958 350159

Email: jamesgleave@flitwick.gov.uk

photo of councillor

John Roberts


Deputy Mayor

I have lived with my wife in Flitwick for over 20 years where we have brought up two children. I am keen to work on extending the range of services offered to Flitwick residents. Flitwick Village Hall Management Committee Sub Representative Patient Group Representative

Telephone: 01525 716360

Email: johnroberts@flitwick.gov.uk

councillor photo

Martin Platt


I was born and have lived around Flitwick most of my life but have travelled to all the continents of the world. I have children and grandchildren living in the area. I am interested in youth and community projects, local business and ensuring structured development. Therefore Flitwick matters to me. Beds Association of Town and Parish Councils Country - Committee Member

Telephone: 01525 713017

Email: martinplatt@flitwick.gov.uk

robert wilsmore new councillor

Robert Wilsmore


I first moved to Flitwick in 1961 and have seen it transformed from a village into a small town. I am committed to protecting Flitwick from over development and maintaining and improving the green spaces and bio-diversity in and around the town". Police Priority Setting Representative Planning Improvement Sub Representative

Telephone: 01525 712139

Email: robertwilsmore@flitwick.gov.uk

Sue Livens


I’ve lived in Flitwick for around 50 years and raised my family here. Now happily retired, I previously worked as the' accounts lady' for over 40 years in various local companies. I actively volunteer in Flitwick and the locality, including membership and volunteering at Marston Vale Forest Centre, Flitwick Gardeners' Association, Keech Hospice Shop, Sailability and litter picking. I have also spent many years volunteering at Flitwick Lower School, helping children with their reading skills. I am registered disabled by having COPD, but I try not to let it get in the way of leading my life positively. To that end, I hope to build on litter picking, championing better access and facilities for disabled people and helping in ‘greening’ those neglected places in East Ward.

Telephone: 07804 359419

Email: suelivens@flitwick.gov.uk

photo of man, tim parsons

Tim Parsons


Chairman of Finance Scrutiny Working Group

I grew up locally and moved back to Flitwick to raise my family, and I am passionate about local issues. As a Chartered Accountant I'm interested in financial and commercial matters and hope to put my skills to good use for the benefit of the Town Council. I've admired the work of the Council in recent years and look forward to supporting future initiatives to the benefit the local community. I am the Chief Financial Officer of a financial wellbeing and education platform, Wagestream. I've lived in Flitwick for over 10 years with my wife and two young children.

Telephone: 07754 663986

Email: timparsons@flitwick.gov.uk

photo of councillor

Tina Connell


I have lived in Flitwick for for 30 years. I have two grown up sons and one grandson. I work for the Co-op in Flitwick and am also a Member Pioneer for the Co-op helping local charities. I am a director of a CIC Saturday Outreach Service feeding and supporting the homeless and in need. I am passionate about the Community.

Telephone: 07951 567136

Email: tinaconnell@flitwick.gov.uk

photo of councillor toby harald

Toby Harald


I’m a relatively recent arrival to Flitwick, so am looking forward to finding out more about the Flitwick community and its needs and concerns, and how the Town Council can help with those. Married with five daughters, I work as a contractor for various businesses around the UK.

Telephone: 07739 937624

Email: tobyharald@flitwick.gov.uk

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