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Get to know the 17 councillors who represent the East and West Wards of Flitwick. Geographically, the boundary between the East and West Wards within Flitwick follows the route of the railway line.

You can get in contact with each councillor using their individual emails and  contact numbers below.  Alternatively, call the Town Council offices on 01525 631900 or email info@flitwick.gov.uk.

Not sure who to contact? Click below to see committee choices for each Councillor.


Andy Snape


Town Mayor & Chairman of Personnel Committee

While you’ll often find me helping out at our community events or championing places like Manor Park and Millennium Park, I’m also heavily involved in the business and governance side of Flitwick Town Council. I’m passionate about developing the Rufus Centre as a community hub and generating an income from commercial activities that the Council can reinvest into our community and keep any council tax increases to a minimum. I’ve lived in Flitwick for over a decade and currently work as Head of Technology for London Borough of Camden.

Telephone: 07590 572440

Email: andysnape@flitwick.gov.uk

Ann Lutley


Worked in Flitwick Pre-Schools for 37 years. Been a Town Councillor for 20 years. Assist with many community events.

Telephone: 01525 712837

Email: annlutley@flitwick.gov.uk

Ashwin Chacko


I am Ashwin Chacko and I’ve been living in Flitwick for 6 years. I’m passionate for this town and it’s needs. I will aim to work towards ensuring the town continues to offer community space, infrastructure to support the town growth and making it safer for all groups. I hope to work and interact for you all.



Becky Meredith-Shaw


I live in Flitwick and have a keen interest in the local community, as well as being very active within it- both professionally and personally. I moved back to Flitwick 7 years ago, to set up animal encounters company, and have met and worked with many Flitwick residents, groups, schools and clubs because of this. I also have a passion for the environment, protecting natural habitats and encouraging wildlife. I felt that my interests and experiences would be an asset in my new role as a Town Councillor.

Telephone: 07718 923708

Email: beckymeredithshaw@flitwick.gov.uk

Clare Thompson


Deputy Town Mayor & Chairman of Appeals Committee

I grew up in Flitwick and am now a home owner in the town. I commute to London for work, where I am a Senior Planning Manager for Macmillan Cancer Support, having spent my career in the charity sector. I am also a Trustee of Respite at Home Volunteers and a volunteer tutor for The Access Project. I am excited to take my seat on the Town Council and look forward to being part of projects to keep improving Flitwick for all its residents (present and future).

Telephone: 07734 866479

Email: clarethompson@flitwick.gov.uk

Dan Toinko


Vice Chairman of Community Services Committee

I've lived in Flitwick for about a decade. My focus is on serving the interests of all residents effectively and fairly, and on protecting and restoring our natural environment.

Telephone: 01525 649992

Email: dantoinko@flitwick.gov.uk

Gareth Mackey


Former three term Town Mayor serving my third term as a Flitwick Town Councillor and recently elected Independent Central Bedfordshire Council Ward Councillor for Flitwick and Steppingley. I stand for good governance and a strong, sustainable community where all residents can be happy and flourish. I will focus on Flitwick!

Telephone: 01525 712537

Email: garethmackey@flitwick.gov.uk

Howard Hodges


I've lived in Flitwick for over 20 years, and love the character of the area. I'm keen to protect the open spaces we have which can be used for recreation and to preserve the green belt where we can. I commend the Council for the provision of play areas in the town, and for the development of Flitwick Manor Park for residents. I have a long career in IT, centred around processes used by large companies to support IT Services. I'm currently an IT Problem Management specialist for a construction group.

Telephone: 01525 717778

Email: howardhodges@flitwick.gov.uk

Ian Blazeby


Chairman of Corporate Services Committee

Independent minded Marketing Manager, happily married with two great kids, who has been a Flitwick resident since the late 80's. I've been a Councillor for over 5 years, working hard to ensure Flitwick continues to be a rewarding, interesting, attractive and safe place in which to live and work.

Telephone: 01525 634585

Email: ianblazeby@flitwick.gov.uk

James Gleave


Chairman of Planning Improvement Group; Vice Chairman of Business Improvement & Development Board; Vice Chairman of Personnel

I have lived in Flitwick since I got married to my wife 16 years ago (she has lived here all her life), and I care about where the town is going and its future. For 10 years I worked in Highways and Planning at Central Bedfordshire Council, and Bedfordshire County Council before that. I have seen for myself what communities that come together around a strong vision of the future can do in achieving lasting change in their areas. It is this experience that I will bring to the position of councillor.

Telephone: 07958 350159

Email: jamesgleave@flitwick.gov.uk

Jeremy Dann


Vice Chairman of Appeals Committee

After 25 years in the Civil Service, including advising Ministers in such diverse areas as disability rights, Veterans’ benefits, and ecclesiastical heritage, Jeremy now works for Barnardo’s, recruiting, training and managing volunteers. He is married to Amanda and has two children.

Telephone: 01525 713751

Email: jeremydann@flitwick.gov.uk

Joe Daly


I have lived in Flitwick for many years and am a homeowner in the town. I currently work as a buyer for a specialist construction company. My aim is work on continuing the trend for improving local services for the community, ideally expanding support for mental health services. I hope that with my experience I will also assist the Town Council on business matters.

Telephone: 07983 212807

Email: joedaly@flitwick.gov.uk

John Roberts


Chairman of Business Improvement & Development Board & Vice Chairman of Corporate Services Committee

I have lived with my wife in Flitwick for over 20 years where we have brought up two children. I am keen to work on extending the range of services offered to Flitwick residents.

Telephone: 01525 716360

Email: johnroberts@flitwick.gov.uk

Keith Badham


Chairman of Community Services Committee

Keith has lived in Flitwick for a decade. He is married and has two grown up daughters. He is a Drama practitioner who runs a long established local youth drama group and a published playwright, having had 16 plays published to date. Keith has also worked as a Project manager at the Civil Aviation Authority, and worked in I.T. Departments at People’s Phone, Vodafone, Telecom Plus and the Utility Warehouse. He has a particular interest in community facilities and the Arts, and in his previous term with the Council was instrumental in identifying funds for local facilities such as the new playground at Millennium Park.

Telephone: 07595 053251

Email: keithbadham@flitwick.gov.uk

Martin Platt


I was born and have lived around Flitwick most of my life but have travelled to all the continents of the world. I have children and grandchildren living in the area. I am interested in youth and community projects, local business and ensuring structured development. Therefore Flitwick matters to me.

Telephone: 01525 713017

Email: martinplatt@flitwick.gov.uk

Patricia Earles


I am married to Gordon and have lived in Flitwick for 7 1/2 years. I am not politically motivated but decided to stand for a councillor's position as I wanted to give a little back to the town. I simply want clean, safe streets for our young and elderly and development controlled to meet the facilities we have.

Telephone: 07929 638404

Email: patriciaearles@flitwick.gov.uk

Russ Shaw


I have lived in Flitwick for over 22 years and my three adult children were educated in the town. I run a small family business involved in educational and fun animal encounters and football coaching. I am also involved in Youth, Adult and Disability football as a Coach. My goal is to make local people top of the agenda in any decisions affecting them.

Telephone: 07784 867921

Email: russshaw@flitwick.gov.uk

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