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Committee Structure

To ensure the Town Council delivers the highest level of service and facilities for Flitwick residents there are four statutory committees with key areas of responsibility. Councillors choose which committee(s) they wish to sit on and the Chair and Vice Chair of each committee is elected by fellow councillors.

Business Services

Flitwick Town Council own and manage The Rufus Centre, a conference and event venue on the outskirts of town, which is also home to the Council offices.  This committee combines the business activity of The Rufus Centre, finance, the personnel function and asset management.

Community Services

Responsible for administration, community development, highways, burial ground, leisure, play areas and services and events for the local community.

Corporate Services

Covers civic activities, democratic services, communications, policies, business continuity, capital projects and the corporate plan.


The Town Council is not the planning authority (Central Bedfordshire Council is the planning authority) but is a consultee in the planning process. The committee meets every three weeks to consider planning applications for the town and agree a response to submit to the planning authority.

A representative from the committee is responsible for attending CBC planning meetings to speak on any planning application decision deemed to be controversial or have some impact on the community.


The Personnel Committee is responsible for functions exercised under Section 112 of the Local Government Act 1972 concerning the appointment and dismissal of staff, and the terms and conditions on which they hold office.  It also considers policies relating to these functions.


The Appeals Committee deals with appeals by Council employees against disciplinary action. The subject of the meetings involves consideration of personal information that has been specifically exempted from public disclosure. The public is therefore excluded from these meetings.

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