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The Town Council comprises 15 elected councillors who represent the East and West Wards of Flitwick.

Our councillors are all volunteers and do not get paid for their services. Each year the councillors elect a Mayor and Deputy Mayor to perform civic duties and represent the town in the wider community.

There are three main committees; Business, Community, and Planning. You can find out about the committees here:

Councillors choose which of the four committees to sit on.  To view the committee choices for each councillor click here:

Committee meetings are held regularly in addition to full Town Council meetings. To view each councillors meeting attendance click here:

Councillors serve a term of four years and are elected by the local community to represent their interests.  Any councillor vacancies that arise mid-term will be advertised on our website and publicised in Flitwick Papers, social media and noticeboards throughout the town.

You’re welcome to attend any of our council meetings to see how it all works. There is always an opportunity for residents to speak under the Open Forum at each meeting if there is an issue you want to highlight to the council. For further information please get in touch.

The Council employs a team of staff led by the Town Clerk & Chief Executive.


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