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Work starts on Nature Park in January 2024

Early in the new year, you’ll notice some activity on the new Nature Park site on Maulden Road, as we start preparing the land for phase one of the project.
The Town Council adopted the master plan in September 2022, which includes lowland meadows, hedgerows, mature trees, woodland, and hazel coppice.
First task in January will be mulching the site to remove the grass thatch that has built up. This will be followed by marking out the planting compartments including the grass fields.
The Forest of Marston Vale is leading the tree planting element for the project as part of the Trees for Climate scheme, which will provide a one-off grant of £195,000 to create the woodland, plus an annual payment for fifteen years to help manage the area going forward.
The Trees for Climate programme is managed by England’s Community Forests and is funded via the Government’s Nature for Climate fund. You can read more about the scheme via the link >https://bit.ly/3v6e837
🌱We hope to get residents involved in a special tree-planting day in early February. Look out for more details in 2024!
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