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Flitwick Front Garden Competition - 14th August 2021

ORGANISER: Flitwick Town Council

COST: Free

Front Garden Comp Flowers

Explore all entrants of the Flitwick Front Garden Competition at your leisure using the Google Map below.  

Enjoy The Competition

1) Have fun exploring all front gardens in the competition.

2) Feel free to send us photographs of your favourites via Facebook or by emailing info@flitwick.gov.uk

3) Please keep a sensible distance between you and other people.

4) Remember that you cannot go onto private property or touch the displays.

As a reminder, the categories of entry are:

  • Best Front Garden
  • Best Hanging Basket
  • Best Pots
Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to join in the community spirit of Flitwick's first Front Garden Competition. 
The beauty, colour and variety of your blooms throughout the town is wonderful to see!


The Locations 

Noted beside each address is the category/ies entered:

1. 2a Church Road, 1AE (FG)

2. 40 The Avenue, MK45 1BS (FG, HB, P)

3. 32 The Quantocks, MK45 1TQ (FG, HB)

4. 62 Brookes Road, MK45 1BX (FG, HB, P)

5. 3 The Ridgeway, MK45 1DH (FG)

6. 12 Pankhurst Row, MK45 1GE (FG, P)

7. 15 Sycamore Close, MK45 1LT (FG)

8. 50 Lyall Close, MK45 1JD (FG)

9. 57 Hatfield Road, MK45 1HD (FG, P)

10. 9 Chapel Road, MK45 1EA (FG)

11. 7 Osprey Road, MK45 1RU (FG, HB, P)

12. 7 Orchard Way, MK45 1LF (FG, HB, P)

13. 18 Woburn Close, MK45 1TE (FG)

14. 101 Station Road, MK45 1LA (FG, HB, P)

15. 11 Dunstable Close, MK45 1JN (FG)

16. 20 Church Road, MK45 1AE (FG)

Categories key:
FG - Best Front Garden, HB - Best Hanging Basket, P - Best Pots

Flitwick Front Garden Competition Map

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