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Volunteer To Join Planning Improvement Working Group

We’re looking for residents to volunteer to join our Planning Improvement Working Group (PIWG) and work together with Town Councillors to influence the future development of the town.
The Town Council’s role in the planning process is to represent the wider community and comment on planning applications as a consultee. Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) is the planning authority.
For sites that have already been allocated for development in CBC’s Local Plan, it is likely that the development will proceed. In these cases, it is essential to ensure that the best possible outcomes can be negotiated for the town.
PIWG was formed last year to do this, with the aim of engaging with CBC, residents, and developers to try to influence plans before they reach an advanced stage. By working together, the group aim to ensure the community gets the maximum benefit from any planned development
Being a member of PIWG will involve some time commitment on your part, but you will be working with a group committed to making a difference to Flitwick.
If you would like to know more, please email info@flitwick.gov.uk, or call 01525 631900.
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