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Town Council Launches Public Art Project

The Town Council is working on an exciting new project for Public Art in Flitwick, and we want your ideas!
Public Art can be temporary or permanent; it can be an exhibition that moves across the town, or a structure that changes over time. It can serve a dual purpose like the carved benches at Manor Park or can be used as a ‘way finding trail’ around the town. There are so many possibilities!
The first drop-in session is on Saturday 9th March at Flitwick Library from 2pm to 4pm.
If you can’t make this weekend we have another two drop-in sessions planned at the Village Hall on Friday 15th March and at The Rufus Centre on Tuesday 26th March. We will be there between 9am and 1pm on both days.
Please come along and share your ideas. Alternatively, you can complete the form online here.
Paper copies are available at The Rufus Centre.

We will also be holding a session with art students at Redborne Upper School to hear their ideas.

The project is fully grant funded.

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