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Reduced Grass Cutting Programme To Increase Biodiversity Across Flitwick

Grass cutting will be reduced this year at several locations on Flitwick Town Council managed land as part of a project to increase biodiversity across the Town.
This year some green spaces will remain uncut in order to discover what wildflowers grow naturally and the wildlife they attract.
These actions are being taken to make space for nature and to provide support to pollinators and other insects. This approach will also assist in developing a ‘green infrastructure’ network through Flitwick. The green routes will help wildlife move through the built-up areas while also offering interesting colour changes in our green spaces.
The Council understand there is always a balancing act in relation to grass cutting as some residents want grass cut regularly whilst others would like to see it left longer to attract wildlife.
The amenity use of the areas is being preserved and residents are welcome to continue to enjoy the spaces benefitting from wildlife friendly mowing. Pathways will be created through the areas to make it easier for residents to explore.
This initiative complements the wildflower corridors we have created recently in Millennium Park, Hinksley Road Recreation Ground and Station Road green space to help bee and butterfly populations by providing an important source of pollen and nectar for pollinating insects.
The areas where reduced cutting will take place are:
The Mount
Beaumont Park
Station Road
Country Park
Rufus Centre by the Wedding Garden
Old section of Burial Ground
Bottom of Hinksley Park
Vicarage Hill

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