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Proclamation of accession of King Charles III in Flitwick

A video from the Proclamation of the new King which took place in Flitwick can be viewed here.

Members of the public gathered on Sunday 11th September at 2:00pm on the Square outside Barclays Bank for the Proclamation of the new King. The Proclamation was introduced by the Deputy Lord-Lieutenant, followed by the formal Proclamation made by the Flitwick Town Mayor. Deputy Town Mayor Cllr Clare Thompson was also in attendance.

A single verse of the National Anthem was played by Ampthill Town Band and members of the public joined together for three cheers for the King.

The proclamation of the new Sovereign is a very old tradition which can be traced back over many centuries. The ceremony does not create a new King. It is simply an announcement of the accession, which took place immediately on the death of the reigning monarch.

In an age where modern methods of communication convey news around the globe in an instant, the proclamation is no longer the means by which people learn for the first time that they have a new Monarch. Today, however, is one of the first occasions when communities have an opportunity to come together and reflect on the moment in our nation’s history when the reign of our longest-serving Monarch came to an end, and our new Sovereign succeeded.

Photography by: Michael Thorn.
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