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Flitwick Town Council Welcomes Two New Councillors

Flitwick Town Council is delighted to welcome two new Town Councillors. Sue Livens and Fraser Patterson were both co-opted to serve as Councillors at this month’s Town Council meeting on 17th October.
Councillor Livens represents East Ward and has lived in Flitwick for around 50 years, raising her family in the town. An active volunteer in Flitwick and the surrounding areas, Councillor Livens works with a number of groups and organisations including membership and volunteering at Marston Vale Forest Centre, Flitwick Gardeners’ Association, Keech Hospice Shop, Sailability and litter picking. She has also spent many years volunteering at Flitwick Lower School, helping children with their reading skills.
“I am registered disabled by having COPD, but I try not to let it get in the way of leading my life positively. To that end, I hope to build on litter picking, championing better access and facilities for disabled people, and helping in ‘greening’ those neglected places in East Ward.”
Commenting on his co-option as a Town Councillor for West Ward Councillor Patterson said: “I’m determined to help out in Flitwick in any way I can. I’m particularly interested in protecting the local environment, prioritising the safety of our residents and ensuring that they have their voices fairly represented in local community projects and development.”
photo of two new councillors
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