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Flitwick Nature Park Update

Residents may have noticed that work has been carried out to create a trench and earth bank (or bund) to protect Flitwick Town Council’s open area of land at Maulden Road. The work has been necessary to secure the site against unauthorised vehicle access onto the land.

Walkers, including families and dog walkers, are able to continue their enjoyment of the site as before, as pedestrian access has been created at several points around the perimeter.

The Town Council is committed to preserving the natural environment, parkland and biodiversity. With this in mind, new designs are to be prepared for the 27.7 hectare site at Maulden Road to create a Nature Park.

Protecting the developing habitats and species including ground nesting birds from uncontrolled vehicle access is an important step, and a trench and bund achieves this sustainably by using natural resources on site.

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