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Council Supports ‘No Mow May’ Initiative

Flitwick Town Council is supporting #NoMowMay to help our bees, butterflies and wildlife flourish.
Once again, this year we will be continuing with a reduced mowing schedule throughout the summer at Station Road, The Mount and Beaumont Road. The amenity use of these areas will be preserved so that residents can continue to enjoy the green spaces benefitting from wildlife friending mowing.
In addition, we will not be mowing any of the wildflower areas we created last year in Millennium Park, Station Road and Hinksley Road Recreation Ground.
Wild plant conservation charity Plantlife’s ‘No Mow May’ campaign encourages everyone to put their lawnmowers away and leave their lawns, or a patch of lawn, for the month of May to create natural habitat for hungry pollinators!  You can find out more about the campaign by visiting:
wildflowers in a parkclose up of red and blue wildflowersyellow wildflower with bees
Photos show the wildflower areas planted in 2021 at Hinksley Road Recreation Ground.
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