We’re proud to be flying the flag for Bedfordshire Day at The Rufus Centre Flitwick this bright, sunny morning in Flitwick.
On 11th September 2014 the Flag Institute officially recognised Bedfordshire’s flag. Do you know the background to the three main elements of the flag’s design?
⚫️Three escallops on a black stripe, taken from the coat of arms of the Duke of Bedford;
🔴🟡Red and gold quadrants taken from the coat of arms of the Beauchamp family who were prominent in the county after the Norman Conquest. They constructed Bedford Castle and were granted a barony at Bedford;
🔵Blue and white wavy lines representing the River Great Ouse which flows through the county.
If you want to know more about Bedfordshire Day
Friends of Bedfordshire Society has lots of information on their Facebook and website > http://www.friendsofbedfordshire.org.uk/
Bedfordshire Flag
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