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Cattle Return To Manor Park

Cattle have returned to the paddock in Manor Park. Two cows with a calf each and one bull, all Limousin-crosses, have been placed in the paddock for grazing and are settling well into their new home.

The paddock is fenced off but visitors will be able to see the cattle settling in to their new home and watch their progress in their new surroundings.

Low intensity grazing of the paddock will benefit the area greatly, by reducing the dominance of course grasses and creating patches of bare ground for wildflowers to germinate and get established.

All grazing animals are to some extent selective in what they eat, and so grazing will allow the development of a varied structure within the grassland which is important to invertebrates, birds and mammals.

It will also hugely reduce the reliance on mechanical cutting in turn making the management of the area greener and more forgiving on the site, its natural features and its wildlife.

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