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Capturing Memories of Flitwick

We have an exciting new project for residents to get involved with! At the Corporate Services Committee meeting on Thursday 28th April it was agreed that the council will create a ‘Flitwick Memories’ website with the aim of building up an online history of the Town, it’s people and past events.
Development and ongoing management of the new website will be through a joint Councillor and residents working group that will be set up to help gather relevant content, as well as administrate the upload of ‘memories’ provided by residents.
The searchable website will be able to include video, image and audio files as well as just text. Each ‘memory’ will be able to be pinned onto a virtual map of Flitwick and will be searchable by both content type and location.
Recruitment of residents interested in joining the working group will begin in the next few weeks. If you are interested email info@flitwick.gov.uk.


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