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Precept Set For 2024-25

Flitwick Town Council has set its precept (the Town Council part of the Council Tax bill) for the 2024/25 year. At last night’s Full Council meeting, Councillors agreed on an increase of 3%, equating to a rise of £3.87 per year or £0.32p per month for a Band D household.
As these challenging economic times continue, Councillors have focused on keeping the precept increase as low as possible and adopted a budget that delivers value for money and supports all areas of our community.
You can read the full Precept Report from Town Mayor, Cllr Andy Snape here.The report details the rationale behind the precept decision and the range of projects, services and events planned to enhance the town and provide continued support for residents impacted by the cost of living crisis.
Printed copies of the report are available from the Town Council offices at The Rufus Centre or call 01525 631900 if you would like a copy sent to you.
You can also pick up a copy at The Community Hub every Wednesday between 12.30pm and 7pm or from our stall at Flitwick Market on Friday 26th January.
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